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Radikal Darts iDarts

Radikal Darts, the Best Online Soft Tip Electronic Dartboard in the World with Internet connection offering endless Possibilities to Dart Players and Dart Machine Operators

Radikal Darts iDarts

Radikal Darts ® is an electronic online soft tip professional dart machine featuring digital cameras, laser distance measuring and sensors for an exhilarating experience.

With Radikal Darts ® you can choose to play either Offline or Online in real time and watching your opponents on the advanced 19'' TFT display, their throws and scores.

Radikal Darts © introduces a new and unique technology, the Remote Refereeeing System ©, patented in Europe, USA and Japan. This system allows remote validation of each game by a referee, making it possible to organize championships in which the players can play anytime, anywhere.

Radikal Darts iDarts. Radikal Darts the Electronic Online Soft Tip Dart Machine